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About Berman
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science, May, 1986
Certified General Contractor in Florida


License Numbers

  • Florida Certified General Constructor

  • Florida Home Inspector HI5753
  • Florida Realtor SL 481387
About Us

Berman Construction & Development, Inc. merges form and function to help you achieve your vision. As a full-service custom builder, David melds an old-fashioned hands on work philosophy with the latest in technology.

Berman Construction & Development, Inc. will gladly work with your architect, or you can utilize our complete Design-Build services. The Design-Build option means you have all the services for your project within one company. Berman Construction & Development, Inc. provides architects, designers and specialists for every facet of building. This single-source advantage saves time and will make designing and building your dream home a pleasant experience.

If you own or intend to buy a piece of land in South Florida, David can work with you to build your home at a price you can afford. Berman Construction & Development, Inc. offers the best home building value by offering their services at a “cost plus” basis. You can help to choose the subcontractors utilized in the construction of your home or rely on David’s knowledge of qualified subcontractors. Through his years of successful contracting, David has built relationships with some of the most reliable and high-quality subcontractors and suppliers in the business.

Berman Construction & Development, Inc. believes in constant communication with their customers throughout the entire building process. We are always available via cell phone, voice mail and e-mail and a timely response is guaranteed. David believes that each client’s input is invaluable to the successful completion of their custom home.

Professional services, years of experience, and commitment to high standards are why Berman Construction & Development, Inc. are South Florida’s choice for Custom Homes. - copyright © 2013 - all rigths reserved.
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